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The Recorded Health Risk From Roundup | Wellness Clinic


The Timothy Litzenburg law firm currently represents over 500 individuals with lymphoma suing Monsanto, Roundup’s maker, because they believe their cancer was due to by this glyphosate-based herbicide. Roundup is the most frequently used herbicide used internationally by farmers and home gardeners alike. Litzenburg anticipates over 2000+ cases will be filed by year’s end.


It’s been decades since Monsanto managed to persuade the EPA to alter glyphosate from a Class C Carcinogen in humans to a Class E classification. They have tried to pay up the risk, while Monsanto is aware of the cancer risk related to Roundup’s active ingredient glyphosate.


In 2015, IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), the research arm of the WHO, determined that Roundup was a probable carcinogen. Then in March 2017 a judge asked sealed documents be unsealed, exposing a 30-year cover up of glyphosate’s dangers. Monsanto’s former manager of environmental assessment and toxicology, Dr. George Levinskas was included in the cover up of their cancer risks associated with PCBs in the 1970s and glyphosate in the 1980s.


In 2015, California’s Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment recorded glyphosate as a known cancer causing chemical. Monsanto quickly filed against the OEHHA to stop the action but in February 2017 their situation was dropped by them. California is a leader in the risks of Roundup and all glyphosate consumer goods .


A Michigan State University study linked the 90% reduction in Monarch butterflies since 1996 to using Roundup on milkweed, that’s the only plant that the Monarch butterfly lays their eggs on. Additionally, Roundup/glyphosate is linked to conditions in people:


  • ADHD — Farming communities possess a solid link between Roundup vulnerability and ADHD.
  • Alzheimer’s — The neural cell death found in Alzheimer’s disease has been made in the laboratory with Roundup.
  • Anencephaly and other birth defects — There has been an evaluation of birth defects among infants who are born to mothers who live within 1,000 meters of pesticide programs, using a direct connection located between glyphosate and birth defects.
  • Autism — Glyphosate has many related biological effects which line up with pathologies related to pneumonia.
  • Brain cancer — Researchers have found that adults exposed to Roundup up to two-years before a child’s birth, parent kids that have double the chances of developing brain cancer.
  • Cancer — 65,000 individuals in Argentina’s farming communities with Roundup had a cancer threat that was 2-4 times greater than the national average.


The list continues on and includes gluten intolerance, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, heart disease, IBD, MS, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Parkinson’s, and more, which is alarming.


But, it is not just Roundup. You will find other noxious chemicals used in agriculture such as 2,4-D (2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid). This chemical is an ingredient used in ‘weed and feed’ yard care products, where there were catastrophic consequences to those, and it’s also found in Agent Orange, which has been used in chemical warfare in the jungles of Vietnam. In 75% of those air samples which are taken 2,4-D is detected in a number of research.


Together With USA Roundup earnings reaching $3.5 billion in 2016, it’s no real surprise Monsanto is doing everything to protect this revenue flow, but at what cost? The question becomes, when will we cease using products that are deadly? The best way to lower your exposure would be to consume organic and to filter your house water.


You may also test yourself for glyphosate levels using a glyphosate urine test kit developed by Iowa’s Heath Research Institute. You’re automatically enrolled in their continuing research, when you purchase the kit.


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By Dr. Alex Jimenez


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